UNITEK-Local Brand Hong Kong Awards 2019

UNITEK-Local Brand Hong Kong Awards 2019

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UNITEK Honored With Local Brand Hong Kong Awards 2019
We are pleased and proud to announce that UNITEK was recognized with the Local Brand Hong Kong Award at the inaugural award ceremony of the Local Brand Hong Kong Awards 2019 held in Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre on 24th August. This award ceremony celebrates the best of Hong Kong brands covering a wide spectrum of industries. We are honored with this recognition of our continuous all-out effort and contributions to the Hong Kong market.

UNITEK has developed human-friendly products to help everyone be their best since 2006. Our products are covering Hong Kong and over 30 countries around the world. We are glad to reach this achievement as a Hong Kong local brand.

The development of human-friendly and meaningful products is not readily available. This goes deeper than simple convenience, or chasing the latest trendy lifestyles, or ticking boxes. Our team works hard to study and figure out the many dimensions of human experience, since the user’s mind is always complex, keep chasing the new and desires-fit gadgets yet familiar and practical. We understand this is the human nature of every person. That is the reason UNITEK aspires to be human-friendly, and develop the thoughtful, helpful and artful products that directly meet people’s complex needs, to lets people be people.

“Hong Kong is a high-demanding market which brands have to meet the users’ needs and complex desires, in order to survive in this competitive environment.” said Mr. Derek Yip, group president of UNITEK International Group Limited. “We are confident that our human-friendly products always give a strong response to the users among every change on the market over these years. This year UNITEK has honored the Local Brand Hong Kong Award 2019, this validates that we are on the right track.”

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