For UNITEK's licensed products in Hong Kong, the warranty period starts from the day the end user purchases the product and lasts for two years.

UNITEK International Group Limited (hereinafter referred to as us) only accepts products purchased on this website for product warranty replacement. For UNITEK products purchased from online stores or stores outside this website, please contact the responsible reseller/distributor directly for returns and exchanges, we will not handle orders outside of

During the specified maintenance period from the date of purchase, if the product is damaged or malfunctioning, which has been confirmed by the company's technicians to occur under normal use, the company will provide free replacement services (excluding shipping costs).

This limited warranty does not apply to:

a) normal wear and tear

b) Defects due to rough handling

c) Improper use of the product (compatibility issues with guest hardware such as computers, TVs or mobile phones, making the product unusable)

d) Wrong operation, such as illegal connection of power supply, as well as water and dirt infiltrating the product, causing damage to the product

e) Product damage caused by irresistible accidents or natural disasters

f) We reasonably suspect that the product has been exposed to moisture, humidity, or extreme temperature or environmental conditions, or has been exposed to rapid changes in the foregoing, or has been corroded, oxidized, or has been splashed or exposed to food or liquids effects of chemicals, this Limited Warranty will not apply.

If any quality issued is found within two years of purchase, please contact the customer service department for follow-up and arrangements. After the customer assistant understands the problem, the customer will ask the customer to bring the goods to the UNITEK Hong Kong headquarters office together with the receipt (Phase 3, Enterprise Plaza, Room 02, 16/F, No. 39 Wang Chiu Road, Kowloon Bay). Once tested, if it is a product quality problem, we will replace the product with the same product model for the customer. If the model is out of stock, we will issue a Discount Code of the same value through the online store for the customer to use for the next purchase. UNITEK International Group Limited reserves the right to verify the condition of the goods. Customers must present a valid receipt for exchange processing.

Overseas customers: (outside Hong Kong)

Please contact the dealer in the area.

Warranty Requirements

In making a claim for warranty, the customer must provide or present:

a) Products;

b) The original unmodified and legible purchase receipt. The document must clearly display the seller's name, date of purchase, product type or its serial number; if it is not provided, the company reserves the right not to provide maintenance services.